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Company profile

Formerly a subsidiary of the BATIMETAL Industrial Group,  BATICIM  was created in 1998, after the process of organization and economic restructuring operated in Algeria, mainly through the following:

> 1968

The creation in 1968 of the illustrious and historic National Society of Metal Construction (SN-METAL).

> 1983

The organic restructuring of the National Companies carried out in 1983 gave rise to the EPE BATIMETAL which was transferred to that of SPA (Société Par Actions) on February 7, 1989. 

> 1992

In turn, BATIMETAL was organized in 1992 into decentralized divisional structures including the "Pylons Division".

> 1997

On October 29, 1997, as part of the merger of the BATIMETAL divisions, SPA BATICIM was created with a capital of 450,000,000 DA at the outset, which was increased in 2008 after its opening, to 2,960,000,000 DA.