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Baticim is a Company of Construction of Industrialized Metallic Structures under Algerian law, active in the field of metallurgy.

National leader in the field of energy transport, particularly in the manufacture, galvanization and marketing of low, medium, high and very high voltage electricity pylons, BATICIM SPA has also established itself in the electrification of the rail network (railways & tramways) thanks to the manufacture, to international standards, of catenary poles.

In addition to these areas of activity are the manufacture of photovoltaic panel supports, advertising board supports and various metal products such as VHV (Very High Voltage) and (HV) High Voltage substation frames, metal products for armament and grating.

BATICIM SPA is also known and recognized for the realization of

industrialized buildings in metal framework and other metal structures of assimilated works or annex.